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  • finance path

    FinancePath is a Mortgage Manager. They are specialists who organise funding for home buyers and property investors (residential, commercial, industrial, retail) from a variety of funding sources. FinancePath is responsible for arranging the funds for your loan and the ongoing, prudent management through each phase of your loan’s life – from credit assessment to the monitoring of loan repayments, insurance renewals, interest rate adjustments and loan variations.

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  • spyre invest

    Spyre Invest is a unlisted property fund authorised and licensed under AFSL 316870. The fund has a range of projects currently under construction and development with diversification from QLD north west mining boom to the sprawling Adelaide Hills region. Spyre Invest has invested wisely across Australia in residential developments controlling the projects from a blank canvas right through to sales and construction.
    We are proud to have delivered consistent competitive returns to our investors and are on track to have $50mil worth of development completed by 2013.

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